1. In 2-3 hours remove the bandage! If it sticks use warm water, moisten the bandage and pull it off slowly.

2. Wash your tattoo gently! Once the bandage is removed use clean hands, cold water and antibacterial soap. Always pat dry never scrub your tattoo! Allow the tattoo to air dry for 5-10 minutes before applying the ointment. Wash your new tattoo at least twice a day for the first week.

Note: Residual pigments and a clear to red fluid may “leak” from the tattoo for the next couple of hours, this is common. Do not allow this fluid to dry and clot to the surface of the tattoo. This is the start of a scab. Gently wash clots away only during the first wash if present, and then bathe as normal.

3. Apply a thin coat of Tattoo Goo, or H2Ocean aftercare ointment! This should be done 3-5 times a day for the next 1-3 days. Rub ointment into the area leaving a nice shine to the tattoo. If you can see the ointment built up on the skin surface that’s too much.

Note: Do not use Neosporin, baby oil, or Vaseline. Alternatives are Bacitracin ointment, pure Aloe Vera gel, and non scented hand lotion.

4. A healing tattoo may itch. Do not scratch it! Use a thin coat of skin healing hand cream after the 1-3 days of ointment use is finished. Fragrance and dye free lotions work best such as Cetaphil or Aquaphor.

5. Avoid: Hot tubs, steam rooms, swimming in fresh, salt or chlorine water, direct sunlight, and tanning beds for 7-10 days.

Note: The body perceives the new tattoo as second degree sunburn, if it is exposed to UV rays during the healing process you could receive third degree sunburn which may lead to future complications.

6. The new tattoo may form a light protective crust over top of it, do not pick at this layer, let it flake off on its own.

7. Do not wear tight clothing directly over the new tattoo! Bra straps should be loosened, and panty hose should not be worn for 7-10 days.

8. Always protect your tattoo from the sun, SPF 30 or higher should do. Do not use during healing process.

9. Infections are rare but in case you do not follow the care instructions and an infection occurs, please consult your physician immediately!

Things to remember

Alcohol, peroxide, first aid gels, and iodine are never appropriate to clean your piercing with! Always wash your hands before touching your piercing. 50 mg. of zinc, or 500-1000mg. of vitamin C will greatly help the healing process. If you have any questions, concerns, or complications, DO NOT REMOVE YOUR JEWELRY! Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns. It’s never inappropriate to be concerned about your health.