Welcome to Under Your Skin Tattoos!

Under Your Skin Tattoos is home for True Artist, Craig Necker; a licensed, clean, sterile, and professional tattoo shop that offers 100% original designs. Our shop is located at 708 Rollins Street in Palmer, Nebraska, only 25 minutes north of Grand Island.

We take pride in taking your idea and bringing it to life; giving you a tattoo that will express your beliefs, remind of you of a special memory, or simply something that is one of a kind. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a custom design or a cover up, we can meet your needs at an affordable price. We love what we do.

We have no flash sheets here. We work with you to create your ideas and bring them to reality. Under Your Skin uses SINGLE USE EVERYTHING; including needles, tubes and grips to ensure the utmost safety for your health. We also guarantee our quality of work offering free touch ups if you should ever need them. We pride ourselves in having a relaxed and private atmosphere and making you the client feeling comfortable.

To make an appointment send us an email via our contact page, or stop by our shop location during regular business hours.

Craig Necker is also featured on the True Artist website http://trueartists.com/, displaying his premier portfolio, additional resume information and contact info. http://trueartists.com/artists/craig-necker Check it out!

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